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Aligned with National Standards

All of our content is aligned with grade-level appropriate Common Core standards for Reading Informational Text. Stories highlight both tier 2 and tier 3 words to build general literacy and subject-specific knowledge. In addition to defining the words, vocabulary quiz questions are designed to push students to think about words in context.

Representative ELA Standards-Based Quiz Questions

5th Grade
Students should be able to summarize content. Questions could ask: "What are two or more main ideas of a text, and what key details support them?"
6th Grade
Determine the central ideas or information of a primary or secondary source; provide an accurate summary of the source distinct from prior knowledge or opinions. The question could ask: "What distinct details convey the central idea of this piece?"
7th Grade
Students are expected to cite several pieces of textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text. Our question could ask: "Show me in the text what makes you think that ____."
8th Grade
Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text, including figurative, connotative, and technical meanings. A typical question could ask: "What does the word/phrase _______ mean in this selection?"
9/10th Grade
Analyze accounts of a subject told in different mediums, determining which details are emphasized in each account. Questions could ask: "Determine which medium best emphasizes key details about the topic or subject?"
11/12th Grade
Cite specific textual evidence to support analysis of primary and secondary sources, connecting insights gained from specific details to an understanding of the text as a whole. The quiz might ask: "What does the author mean when he/she says_____?"

Story Selection and Leveling

Our team of educators and journalists meet every afternoon to select stories that are important, educational, and engaging.

The Juice’s content is available in 4 reading levels because we believe there are current events stories we should all know. That way we can have a conversation across age levels.

Develop critical thinking.

Critical thinking is at once a powerful filter for determining what is worthy of our attention, how to make sense of the information presented, what questions to ask in pursuit of where to look next, and how to rationally formulate a conclusion.

With The Juice, Students:

1. Question and Reason

2. Investigate and Conclude

The Juice's news aggregation website

3. Discuss and Reflect

Filter the noise, eliminate the bias, get the facts.

Non-Partisan and Balanced

We are committed to keeping your students informed by helping them cut through the noise of misinformation and bias in the news and on social media. We deliver fresh, non-partisan, and reliable news every day.

We do not use software to determine the news or to create content. We believe that robots, filters, and algorithms make us less informed and reduce the diversity of the information we consume. When we only see news and opinions that support our beliefs, confirmation bias arises, making us less tolerant, less thoughtful, and more divided.

Being unbiased, is fundamental to everything we do. Our publisher, News and News, has been rated least-biased by the leading media bias watchdog. That’s our philosophy and we’re sticking to it.

Transparent Reporting

You can’t trust the news if you don’t trust the source.

Our proprietary “Bias Meter” quantifies the political leanings of all the postings on our news aggregation site, illustrating whether the site as a whole is trending to the left or right.

We use the bias meter to keep ourselves honest and minimize bias so you get the facts, not the spin.

Example of our Bias Meter

What Readers Think of our Publisher, News and News:

Meet our team of journalists working on The Juice and The Juice News.


Antonio Mora

Editor in Chief

Adam Yogel

Senior Editor & Video Production Manager

Gary Gately

Senior Journalist

David Mendell

Senior Journalist

News Aggregators

Boriana M. Treadwell

Supervising Editor

Bob Young


Imran Malik


Joe Zappa


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More about The Juice

Antonio Mora

Editor in chief

I’ve worked in just about every capacity in the news business, not only in English, but also in Spanish. I’ve won national and local awards (including 12 Emmys), for anchoring, reporting, interviewing, and commentary. I worked in national news as “Good Morning America’s” News Anchor and as a correspondent for “World News Tonight with Peter Jennings.” More recently, I anchored an international news show on Al Jazeera America. I have also anchored local news in Chicago, Miami, New York and Los Angeles.

On the side, I often write columns about Latin American affairs and U.S. foreign policy. I appear frequently on national and international TV networks as a commentator on those topics and on the media. I also teach at the University of Miami’s School of Communication. I am a Harvard-educated lawyer and have a Venezuela law degree as well.

I am a news obsessive, but am saddened by the divisions in American politics and the identity crisis in U.S. media. I am excited about how The Juice can help unbiasedly inform and prepare future generations.

Adam Yogel

Senior Editor & Video Production Manager

I began working in news at an early age having been an NBC6 Junior Broadcaster in South Florida throughout high school. After earning a graduate degree in Media and Communications from Pace University in NY, I spent three years working for CNN’s morning show New Day. I’ve also worked as a producer for NewsmaxTV and as a producer of news, promotional, and educational content for the City of Coral Gables’ government access channel, CGTV.

Outside of my work in broadcast news I have spent a lot of time on camera and on stage as a television show host, actor and emcee. When I am not working I am thoroughly enjoying the South Florida lifestyle of boating, fishing, scuba diving, golfing and beach days.

I truly believe in objective journalism. It troubles me to see news coverage straying from that fundamental mandate. I feel very strongly that providing news consumers with facts and stories free of bias will allow them to decide for themselves what is real and what matters. I personally strive to remain fair and objective in all my media pursuits and am excited to apply that same objectivity to my work with The Juice

Gary Gately

Senior journalist

I’m a seasoned, award-winning journalist. I’ve written for The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Boston Globe, the Chicago Tribune, The Baltimore Sun, Newsweek, The Center for Public Integrity, HealthDay News,,,, United Press International, and others.

In 11 years at The Baltimore Sun, I started in the county bureaus, advanced to key beats on the city and business desks and editing jobs. I have taught news, magazine, and travel writing at the University of Maryland, College Park, and Loyola University — Maryland.

I’m a big believer in the power of technology to transform the way news is delivered and to vastly expand the reach of coverage. But I’m old school in insisting that at a time when so much agenda-driven noise competes for our attention, we must get back to delivering well-written, unbiased news that is critical for an informed citizenry.

David Mendell

Senior Journalist

I am an award-winning journalist based in Chicago. I was a newspaper reporter for nearly two decades, the second being spent at the Chicago Tribune. My writing also has appeared in the Washington Post, New Yorker, Vox media and other outlets. I’ve taught journalism at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

I am best known as the author of the first substantive biography of Barack Obama (OBAMA: From Promise to Power, HarperCollins). The book, a Washington Post bestseller, drew praise from both Obama’s critics and supporters. The National Review called the book “the best source of background material” on Obama and a New Yorker magazine writer deemed my work “an unparalleled chronicle of the making of an American president.”

In today’s chaotic journalism environment, it can be hard to ascertain the bias of various news sources and sort through the noise, despite the excellent work that is being produced. I am proud to work for a news and education entity that strives to provide unbiased news to a growing band of consumers.

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Sydney Teske

Social media and community manager

I earned my BA in Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the University of San Francisco, graduating Cum Laude while running Division 1 Track and Field. I continued my education at King’s College London, where I earned my MA in Cultural and Creative Industries.

I have experience in marketing, PR, and social media across several industries, including B2B tech, lifestyle, hospitality, digital advertising, and sports. I currently work as a digital marketing strategist for the New York Mets.

Outside of work I enjoy workout classes, travel, baseball (8 ballparks down, 22 to go), and reading as much as possible.

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US Politics (Grades 11-12)

Biden Executive Orders Will Reverse Trump Policies

President-elect Joe Biden plans to sign a flurry of executive orders soon after his inauguration tomorrow. He plans to address what he’s calling the four crises facing the country. They are COVID-19, the economic downturn, racial injustice, and climate change.

An executive order is a written directive from the president carrying powers similar to a federal law. Presidents have historically used these orders to push policies forward quickly because they do not require approval from Congress. The downside of executive orders is that they are easily overturned by any new president. That is not true for federal laws.

Among other moves overturning Trump administration policies, Biden’s orders will return the US to the Paris Climate Accord and to the Iran nuclear deal.

Related to the pandemic, Biden will require face masks on federal properties and during interstate travel. Other orders will be aimed at safely reopening schools and businesses.

On immigration, Biden will order agencies to determine how to reunite children separated from their families after crossing the US-Mexico border. Another order will end travel restrictions targeting majority-Muslim countries.

Other orders will address “equity and support communities of color,” criminal justice reform, and access to healthcare.

Photo from Reuters.

Bold words are interactive vocab words in The Juice.

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Brendan Kells

VP, Education

After a career spent teaching students to become more sophisticated consumers of information in the classroom, I now serve as The Juice’s lead education specialist. I ensure our products are aligned with the educational promises we’ve made to the educational community.

Like many career educators, in addition to my 14 years as a classroom teacher at Cambridge Rindge and Latin, I served in many roles, including nine summers as the Principal of the Cambridge-Harvard Summer Academy. As a principal, teacher, mentor, advisor, and coach, I taught a wide range of subjects to a wide range of learners.

I earned my BA in History from Boston College and my Masters in teaching from Tufts University.

Robert Plotkin


I have over 30 years of experience in technology, software and Internet development. After starting my career building cutting-edge medical diagnostic equipment, I spent a decade at IBM’s T.J. Watson Research Center developing and programming a parallel supercomputer, then worked on interactive and Internet streaming-media technologies and large-scale database applications. After that, I worked at an early-stage Internet company developing streaming video content and have been involved in technology assessment for private equity, venture and public company investment for more than 15 years.

I have been developing web properties for public and private companies as well as for not-for-profits since the 2000’s. I am the holder of multiple patents and am published in peer-reviewed technology journals. I hold degrees from Columbia University’s School of Engineering (BSEE) and NYU Polytechnic (MSCS).

When not working or spending time with my family, I can be found playing violin with the Yonkers Philharmonic Orchestra, working on my golf game or pursuing my passion for photography.

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