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Table of Contents

Daily STEAM Videos: What They Are and How to Use Them

In every edition of The Juice you and your students can find an engaging, short video that commonly stars kids! We call these our “Life Hack” videos, and use them to teach students a STEAM-related concept everyday. Videos vary from historical stories to scientifically-backed tricks, bringing art and science to life in easy-to-understand and entertaining ways. Videos are only a minute but they are packed with exciting visuals and replicable demonstrations. 

Each of our videos is made with the intent to show students how STEAM is a part of daily life, we just need to open our eyes to it! Our videos provide a visual aid that not only tells students about STEAM content but shows them. 

The Benefits of Visual Aids

Educational videos not only bring a stimulating element to our daily news digest, but they increase comprehension and retention. According to a study on visual aids, visuals by themselves excite interest, encouraging students to pay close attention, but also make lessons clearer and easier to understand. Like we discussed in our infographics article, visuals stimulate thinking as students hear or read about a topic and help their brains draw connections. Because our videos are based on interesting STEAM topics and include fun interviews and experiments, we can show students what we’re talking about as we explain it. Students can pause and play our videos at their own pace, or even rewind them to hear a point a second time if needed.

Life Hacks: STEAM in Every-Day Life

Let’s take a look at a Juice STEAM video. On Monday, December 28th, The Juice published a video called “No AA batteries? No Problem!” In this video, Nadia, a 10th grader, teaches us how we can use tin foil to transform a AAA Battery into a AA Battery. If you ever need a AA Battery, but only have a AAA Battery, Nadia’s Life Hack will come in handy. She explains that by simply inserting a small ball of tin foil into the negative end of the battery space, a AAA Battery can be used in the AA Battery space and the electronic will work!

Our STEAM videos are short and easy to replicate at home or in the classroom. For example, a science class could use the video on AA batteries to introduce how metals, like aluminum, conduct electricity, before digging into the complexities of electric currents and electrons. At the same time, an English class could use daily STEAM videos as an opportunity to discuss new vocabulary or root words they learned from the video. An art teacher may use the video to understand different elements and materials used in art, like tin foil, and then have students create an aluminum-based project. Parents could use Life Hack videos to give their children fun challenges each week, like finding an electronic at home to try the AAA battery trick with.

Our Life Hack videos aim to be relevant and interesting, showing students how STEAM applies to everyday life. If you’re looking for some fun activities to incorporate in the classroom or at home, our Life Hack videos will spark creativity, discussion, and the building of critical thinking skills in and outside of the classroom.

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US Politics (Grades 11-12)

Biden Executive Orders Will Reverse Trump Policies

President-elect Joe Biden plans to sign a flurry of executive orders soon after his inauguration tomorrow. He plans to address what he’s calling the four crises facing the country. They are COVID-19, the economic downturn, racial injustice, and climate change.

An executive order is a written directive from the president carrying powers similar to a federal law. Presidents have historically used these orders to push policies forward quickly because they do not require approval from Congress. The downside of executive orders is that they are easily overturned by any new president. That is not true for federal laws.

Among other moves overturning Trump administration policies, Biden’s orders will return the US to the Paris Climate Accord and to the Iran nuclear deal.

Related to the pandemic, Biden will require face masks on federal properties and during interstate travel. Other orders will be aimed at safely reopening schools and businesses.

On immigration, Biden will order agencies to determine how to reunite children separated from their families after crossing the US-Mexico border. Another order will end travel restrictions targeting majority-Muslim countries.

Other orders will address “equity and support communities of color,” criminal justice reform, and access to healthcare.

Photo from Reuters.

Bold words are interactive vocab words in The Juice.

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