In Today's Issue: Pelosi Demands White House Renew Evictions Ban

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With more than 7 million Americans late on paying rent, Democratic lawmakers intensified pressure on the White House to renew the nation’s expired evictions moratorium. They want to keep renters from losing their homes. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said it’s “ unfathomable ” that Americans could end up on the streets. She called the eviction crisis “an enormous challenge to the conscience of our country.” 

The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically increased the number of Americans at risk of eviction. Pelosi and the Democratic leadership renewed their call for the Biden administration to extend the evictions ban until October 18. They say that would enable the government to distribute some $47 billion in approved housing aid to renters and landlords. That would help avoid evictions.  

The White House, however, says only Congress can extend the evictions moratorium. That’s because the Supreme Court ruled in June that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention could not extend it beyond the end of July. The White House said Monday that Biden “will continue to do everything in his power” to prevent evictions. The president asked lawmakers last week to extend the CDC ban.

Pelosi is facing growing pressure from the progressives in the Democratic Party. They want her to call the House back into session during its August recess. The Democratic-controlled House adjourned for its August vacation last week. It did not take action on a bill that would have renewed the ban.

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