The Life Cycle of a Juice Article
The Life Cycle of a Juice ArticleCurious about the process our educators and journalists take each day?
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Read our case studies!Learn more about how educators are using The Juice.
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Explore the student successes educators are seeing when they implement The Juice in their classrooms.

Bringing a Worldview to Rural Students with Current Events:

How one rural school successfully connected student learning in the classroom with the world outside of school.

Case Study Results



After being asked to teach a journalism class this school year, Melanie Lawhorn, English Teacher at East Jackson Comprehensive High School, knew that her students not only needed access to news, but they also needed to expand their worldview outside of the rural community in which they lived.

  • Bringing awareness of the world to students in a rural community who have limited access to news outside of school
  • Developing curriculum for a new journalism elective course and school newspaper


Lawhorn implemented The Juice as a bell-ringer in her year-long journalism elective. Over the course of the year, she noticed:

  • Increased Awareness of The World: Students developed an increased awareness of what is happening in the world outside their rural community.
  • Desire for Further Research: Students used the articles in The Juice as inspiration for their own writing by seeking out additional research and information on a topic.
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