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When your child is signed up for The Juice, you will also receive The Juice. The Juice is a learning platform that uses current events and news stories as scaffolding to strengthen children’s reading comprehension and critical thinking skills. We have built vocabulary tools and quizzing software into The Juice. Each issue features at least six quiz questions linked to core curriculum standards and embedded into each story is two vocabulary words. Your child’s teacher will be able to access how he or she is doing and will be able to glean if your child needs supplemental help in certain areas.

Think of the “extra Juice” as a supplement. Some news stories need background information or might spark further questioning. The “extra Juice” is intended to help students understand a story to the fullest extent possible.

Each story has vocabulary words embedded in it. Articles highlight both tier 2 and tier 3 words to build general literacy and subject specific knowledge. The highlighted words are tailored to the reader's level. In addition to defining the words, vocabulary quiz questions are designed to push students to think about words in context.

For a deeper dive into the news, visit our news aggregation website. It is updated on average every 8 minutes 24/7/365. It is available in English and Spanish.

Absolutely, you can subscribe as a homeschooler 🙂

If you're subscribed to The Juice, then you can install it as an app on your smartphone. Whether you use Android or iOS, we've got you covered: Android

  • Launch the “Chrome” app
  • Go to
  • Tap the menu icon (3 dots in upper right-hand corner) and tap Add to homescreen.
  • Click “Add”
  • Launch the “Safari” app
  • Go to
  • Tap the “Share” icon (the small rectangle with an arrow pointing up at the bottom of your screen)
  • Scroll down
  • Click “Add to Home Screen”
  • Click “Add” (top right)


The Juice is meant to supplement your daily instructional plan. We choose important, topical, and engaging news stories that lend themselves well to discussion. Furthermore, you will be able to track how your students are doing on our daily quizzes. In your account you will be able to see if your students or a specific student needs help with a specific skill.

The Juice’s design assures all students can use our software; our progressive web application can be accessed without an email address. Just have your students enter in the link into any web browser.

We are aligned with common core standards, specifically for Reading Informational Text for grades 5-12.

Our questions are developed by our team of educators. The writing of the questions is spearheaded by our Educational Assessment Coordinator. Questions adhere to core curriculum standards and are intended to engage students with the material. They also provide teachers with valuable information regarding students' critical thinking skills.

Our mission is to help students become better critical thinkers, communicators, and citizens by increasing their knowledge and comprehension of their world. The Juice utilizes some of the world’s leading educational frameworks to create stories, quiz questions, and vocabulary lessons at multiple reading levels. All of our content is carefully written so that it is aligned with at least one widely recognized learning standard.

Articles highlight both tier 2 and tier 3 words to build general literacy and subject specific knowledge. In addition to defining the words, vocabulary quiz questions are designed to push students to think about words in context.

Once students have been added, they will receive a morning email letting them know that a new issue has been published. They will also gain access to grade-level appropriate issues of the daily juice.

Future releases will enable teachers to see which students have opened an issue, which students have completed quiz questions, and which students have watched life hack videos.

Daily Juice

You can access an issue of the daily juice directly from the email that arrives in your inbox on any given weekday. You can also bookmark the page on your web browser for fast access to all editions and issues.

On the home page, click on the drop down menu next to the text “let’s set a reading level” and choose your preferred reading level.

If you’re reading the juice on a desktop or laptop, click the back button on your browser window. If you’re almost finished reading an issue, scroll to the very last screen and click “select another issue”.

There is a progress bar at the top of the screen that indicates how far you have progressed through an issue. Progression at this stage means the number of stories and quiz questions you have read.

If you use Gmail, the daily juice email may show up in your promotions folder. To get the daily juice email to appear in your inbox, you may need to “teach” Gmail where to put the juice by dragging it from the promotions folder to the inbox. Doing this consistently will result in the daily juice showing up in your inbox.


Expand and read a story by clicking “read more” at the bottom of the screen.

To read the definition, and hear an audio pronunciation, click on the vocab word and a pop up will appear. Close the pop up by clicking the ‘X’ to get back to the story.

If you are reading an issue on a smartphone or tablet, you can move between stories and quizzes by swiping left and right. If you are reading on a desktop or laptop, you can use the navigation buttons located on the top and sides of the screen.

Good news stories feature positive events, activities, or people. Many stories in the news cycle can be cast in a negative light. Good news stories are a reminder that there are good things and people worth reading about.

To learn how we level the stories featured in The Juice, download our paper.


If you are reading an issue on a smartphone or tablet, you can get to the quiz by swiping left. On a desktop or laptop, click on the word ‘quiz’ at the top or right side of the screen.

You can answer a quiz question by clicking a radio button and then clicking “submit.’’

On a smartphone or tablet, swiping left on a story will take you to the quiz question for that story. On a desktop or laptop, click on the word ‘quiz’ at the top or right side of the screen.

If you read all the way to the end of the juice but did not answer a question or questions, scroll back up to the relevant story and click ‘quiz’ to get to the quiz question.

Video Content

Life hack videos appear near the end of each issue. They feature the juice video jockeys sharing practical advice for everyday life. Want to know how to get gum off of your shoe with peanut butter? There’s a life hack video for that.

Watch life hack videos by clicking the play button on the video player.


You can always contact our customer support team, and someone on our team will read it and get back to you as soon as possible.

You can provide feedback by using the feedback widget located on the daily juice home screen or by sending an email to our customer support team. You may also have opportunities to participate in surveys, focus groups, and interviews with members of our team.

Company and Content

Beyond understanding world events, The Juice is designed to create thinking habits among students. We strive to help them wonder and ask questions, build explanations and interpretations, consider different viewpoints and perspectives, reason with evidence, uncover complexity, and go beneath the surface.

The Juice’s sister company is News and News. It produces a human-curated news cheat sheet as well as a daily newsletter. The cheat sheet is created by its global network of editors. The editorial team works 24/7/365 reviewing a diverse collection of sources to provide readers with a balanced view of current events around the world. The daily newsletter is comprised of all original content written by the News and News team and is published late morning Monday through Friday.

The Juice’s stories are selected by a team of educators and journalists each day. Our team selects stories that are topical, relevant, important, educational, and engaging to students.

News and News is a leading source of balanced news and factual reporting. Learn more at