The Life Cycle of a Juice Article
The Life Cycle of a Juice ArticleCurious about the process our educators and journalists take each day?
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Senior Educator and Writer Jake Burt offers a link behind the scenes. Learn more in our blog!
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Apply to The Juice Teacher Advisory Board!Learn more about the program by visiting our blog.
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Start the Year off Strong!Set routines and build community at the start of the school year.
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Learn how The Juice can be a powerful tool to get your started on the right foot no matter what subject you teach. Read more in our blog!
Read our case studies!
Read our case studies!Learn more about how educators are using The Juice.
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Explore the student successes educators are seeing when they implement The Juice in their classrooms.

The Juice is the perfect solution for ELA, Social Studies, and Civics classrooms. Tailored to Grades 5-12 with four unique reading levels, each daily issue of The Daily Juice provides fresh real-world informational texts that supplements lesson modules, improves reading comprehension, builds vocabulary, enhances numeric literacy, and helps students think critically.

The Daily Juice is written every night by our team. Our articles are not reconstituted, rewritten, or pulled en-masse from third-party providers.

Written and leveled to address the most critical learning standards, each issue of The Daily Juice contains:

  • 4 educational news stories (200-300 words)
  • 1-3 supplements diving deeper into the news (600-800 words)
  • 1  infographic furthering numerical literacy
  • 1 Bright-Side story highlighting moral character (200-300 words)
  • 1 video teaching STEAM concepts (1-3 minutes)
  • 6 standards-based diagnostic quiz questions
  • 10+ interactive vocabulary words

Our archive of content is searchable and can be selected, bundled, and shared with your students or other teachers in Google Classroom. 

Teachers receive real-time diagnostic data about student and class performance which highlights standards mastery and accountability.

Performance information is available to teachers and administrators through a secure portal.

Transform devices into learning experiences

The Daily Juice

Product Details

Efficacy You Can Count On

Based on results from our initial study, students who read The Daily Juice for four weeks saw clear improvements in their reading comprehension skills, as well as their knowledge of current events and civics. Students also obtained a greater confidence in having conversations about the news with their friends and especially parents.

  • Parents noticed this change, reporting greater curiosity and awareness about the news in their children.
  • Across the board, students found The Daily Juice to be a reliable and unbiased source of information. In focus groups, students specifically noted a contrast with other new sources including mainstream news organizations such as CNN and Fox News, as well as social media.
  • Teachers who use The Daily Juice have reported similar findings in focus groups.
Study Details

We conducted a study in early 2021 to assess the educational effectiveness of The Juice. The recruited students were in the fourth through twelfth grades, with a majority between grades 4-6 and 9-10. 52% of the students identified as male, while 49% identified as female, and came from a mix of public and private schools. A third of the students came from families of diversity. Students in the program were expected to complete The Juice every week day for four weeks—a total of 20 editions. At the start of the program, students were assessed for their reading comprehension skills, knowledge of civics and current events, and critical thinking dispositions. At the end of the program, students took a similar assessment. Parents and students also participated separately in a final interview.


Reading comprehension scores increased on average 25%. Civics / current event scores increased 14%.


For participating, students were paid $125 and entered into a raffle for a pair of AirPods Pro.

Next Steps

The Juice is currently planning larger, more comprehensive studies on our product’s educational effectiveness. These upcoming studies will include control group comparisons, a larger, more diverse cohort of students, and / or a longer period of treatment because we understand the importance of rigorous testing and comprehensive evidence.

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Learn how we meet your learning objectives.

The Daily Juice’s stories are engaging informational text that covers a range of classroom subjects, while our quizzes are aligned to state and national standards.

Content you can Trust

Our team of highly credentialed educators and award-winning journalists create our content every night.

Our senior journalists have taught at University, reported for leading outlets such as The Chicago Tribune and The Baltimore Sun, anchored Good Morning America, and won 12 Emmys and a Peabody. Our award-winning educators hold masters degrees in education and have championed students of all backgrounds and ages.

We craft non-partisan, balanced stories that focus on the facts, explore multiple viewpoints, and cut through the noise. Our publisher, News and News, has been rated least-biased by, a leading media watchdog.

Concise and To The Point

Meeting the TikTok generation where they are demands short yet fulsome content.

In 200-300 words, students read essential, educational, and engaging news happening in the United States and around the world. 

Concise and To The Point

Deep Dive Supplements

Every issue of The Daily Juice contains at least one “Extra Juice”—a supplement that dives deep into a news story.

In 600-800 words, an Extra Juice can explain complex subjects, fill in background information, or just entertain.

Some recent Extra Juices include:

  • The History of Submarines
  • Negative News Bias
  • What is Cancel Culture?
  • What is Mozambique?

Build Background Information​

Easily provide engaging and relevant content for all students

  • Unbiased Stories

    Our stories are written and critically analyzed by our educators, journalists, and editors every day to ensure balance and fairness.

  • Inspiring

    The world is full of inspiring stories. Every day we write at least one story highlighting the bright side of life.

  • STEAM Videos

    We produce new videos every day covering science and arts concepts. Teachers love using these as bell ringers!

  • Daily Infographics

    Infographics enhance students' numeric literacy, comprehension, and reasoning skills. We include at least one infographic in every issue.

  • Device Compatible

    Anyone with an internet connection can access The Juice, whether you are using a desktop, laptop, Chromebook, tablet, or mobile device.

  • Searchable

    All content is searchable by keywords, educational standards, and filters.

  • Customizable

    Teachers can customize The Juice to fit their unique communication needs.

  • Secure

    The Juice is Section 508, ADA, and COPPA compliant. Students and teachers also receive their own password-protected portal.

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