Non-biased daily current events content you can trust to make learning personal, relevant, and contextual for every student.

Every school day by 6am, the Daily Juice delivers:

  • Original, high-interest, impactful, engaging real-world content
  • Purposeful, authentic reading to deepen learning and informational text mastery
  • Explicit critical thinking and reading comprehension tools to build success
  • Academic and domain vocabulary in context
  • 21st Century skills practice
  • High-order critical thinking assessments with real-time feedback to help students make learning visible

Explore The Daily Juice Student Solution!

5 educational news stories available at 4 reading levels every day

Educational news story about octopus

1-3 Extra Juice supplements to provide a deeper dive into the news

Extra Juice article

Daily infographics to build numerical literacy

Infographic in the Daily Juice

Daily Bright-Side article highlighting SEL and moral character

Bright Side Article

Daily video teaching STEAM concepts in 45 to 180 seconds

STEM Video

10+ interactive Tier 2 and Tier 3 vocabulary words in context each day

Built-in Vocabulary Supports

6 Standards-based formative assessment quiz questions with explicit feedback

Embedded Scaffolds and Standards- Aligned Assessments

Activity and Score Report help students monitor their progress

Student activity overview and score report

What our students say

I like that every day, The Juice includes at least one inspirational story about a remarkable person who is beating the odds or doing something incredible to leave the world a better place.
Jeffrey Cooper Middle School Student from Wisconsin
The In addition to more obvious study of current events, The Juice also provides historical content and supplemental materials to explain cultural and historical relevance.
Jessica Okoye High School Student in Florida
All articles include visuals such as custom infographics, charts, maps, pictures, or video elements that help engage all types of learners!
Adina Wilson Middle School Student in Washington

Invite Standards-aligned Reading Comprehension and Critical Thinking Practice to Your Classroom

The Daily Juice student material aligns to Common Core and state standards for Reading Informational Text, including standards covering:

  • Citing evidence and identifying logical inferences
  • Analyzing how individuals, events and ideas develop and interact
  • Interpreting words and phrases
  • Analyzing text structure
  • Assessing point of view
  • Integrating content from diverse sources
  • Delineating and evaluating arguments
  • Analyzing how different texts explore similar themes

In addition, a daily vocabulary exercise builds student understanding of how to clarify the meaning of unknown words or words with multiple meanings. 

Standards aligned assessment questions