Designed for Teachers by Teachers

The teacher portal provides granular, insightful data on each of your students. This data-driven approach allows you to be more efficient. Your classroom dashboard monitors student progress towards skills mastery and provides real-time diagnostic insights on student performance for just right and just in time, intervention, and enrichment.

The Teacher Portal built for you, the Chief Educational Officer (CEO) of your classroom:

  • Monitor student activity and accountability data
  • Analyze student performance against state specific learning standards
  • Search and share materials from our content library
  • Create study guides that address specific state standards and individual student needs
  • Customize your class version and assign content to students based on their aptitudes
  • Print reports to share with your PLN and leadership

Student performance data in The Juice Teacher Portal will help you ensure all students demonstrate skills mastery

Class Activity

Class management tools are easily viewed from the Class Activity panel. Quickly see how a class is performing for the day’s lesson or over a specific range of dates.

With a single click, you can see each student’s completion rate, time on task and overall performance.

Learning Standards Reporting and Data at The Class Level

Standards mastery data is available via the Learning Standards panel. You can quickly get an overview of class performance by learning standard, as well as a class quiz performance on specific standards.

With a single click, you can also see each student’s standards mastery.

Student Overview

Quickly see a student’s reading level and cumulative average.

Standards Reporting and Data at The Student Level

With a single click, you can drill down to quiz performance tied to specific Common Core, state, or Juice standard. This allows you to immediately identify students needing additional support and those that have demonstrated mastery on a specific standard.

Communicate with your Class

In the Class Announcement panel you can create a custom message to display in your student's Daily Juice. This is a great tool to use for your bell ringer, or for writing prompts, or even a class announcement.

The Quick Link panel allows you to upload an image to display in your student's Daily Juice. Have ELLs in your classroom? Try using this tool to upload an image to help activate prior knowledge!