The Curriculum Choice

Here is where I feel this news resource SHINES! Because The Juice simply offers facts of accurate, up-to-date information — our family is then free to critically think about these facts within our own opinions or worldview. We spent LESS time sharing how we may or may not agree with the article’s bias (because there isn’t one) or figuring out what is opinion vs fact. We spent MORE time teasing out ideas, problem-solving or thinking through information presented…exactly how I hoped for our family to interact around the news, especially after this past year’s events.

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Starts At Eight

The Juice has a quiz section in every story of every issue and is written to the reading level you have chosen. These questions challenge kids to remember, understand, apply, analyze, and evaluate.

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Mary Hanna Wilson

Students can check their comprehension of each story by taking the one-question quiz at the end of each news summary. The quiz questions are also written using leveled reading, making it easy for your child to practice independence.

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Different By Design Learning

The Juice provides access to real-life data in interactive custom infographics. This increases visual and numeric literacy. Social Studies: In addition to more obvious study of current events, The Juice also provides historical content and supplemental materials to explain cultural and historical relevance in our current news.

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Simply Be Wild & Free

All articles include visuals such as custom infographics, charts, maps, pictures, or video elements that help engage all types of learners!

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As We Walk Along the Road

When you subscribe to The Juice, each student that is subscribed will have a Student Portal. In the portal, they can have access to past quiz scores as well as read past articles. As the teacher, you’ll also be able to see which editions your students have opened and read as well as their past quiz scores.

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Mommy Maestra

I also like that every day, The Juice includes at least one inspirational story about a remarkable person who is beating the odds or doing something incredible to leave the world a better place.

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Danielle Clark

Middle School History Teacher in Florida

As a middle school history teacher, I a try to find ways to engage my students, prepare them for the real world and help aid in ELA efforts and test strategies. The Juice helps get the mental motors running for my students, as their "do now" at the start of class. They receive real time news that encourages critical thinking, while providing a global perspective on the world around them. I win big for accessing critical data to share during PLC's, while knowing that I am supporting them in test taking strategies and other content areas.

Stephanie R.

Parent of 4th Grade Distance Learner in Illinois

Keeping my 10 year-old challenged with objective current events, I found The Juice to be a home run! It is consistently fair, well-written and appropriate for her learning level. I love that I knew she could read it independently or alongside me and I wouldn’t be worried about overexposure or agendas she would have to learn to shift though and interpret. It was a great source for the small reading group as well! Such a necessary and fun supplement for education!

Wendy Evans

Age 12-18 Teacher at Outschool in Wisconsin

I love, love, love The Juice. My students really like it. As a teacher, you present really good information. I love how you break down the ages, the grades, because I do multi-age, I have virtual classes and sometimes I'll have younger kids versus older kids. My students love the life hack, the bright side and the extra juice stuff.

Giavanna DiGiacomo

6th Grade Social Studies Teacher in Pennsylvania

The Juice has been really useful, especially to help me talk about current events. We all like that the articles are short. I like that it brings the information down to their reading and grade level so that my 5th and 6th graders can understand what's going on. I, too, feel more informed and that helps me have better conversations with my students because I have some students who are really excited about the news. They love to talk about what's going on. So it helps me be able to converse with them.

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