Reading Reimagined for the TikTok Generation

In an age of short-form content and ever-shortening attention spans, how do we encourage students to engage with long-form ELA content?

We believe we must meet students where they are. That’s why we created The Juice LIT.

Combining a serialized archive of classic texts, diagnostic standards-aligned quiz questions, and recommendations based on reading level, The Juice LIT delivers bit-sized, engaging literature for students in the 5th through 12th grades and granular performance and accountability data for teachers and administrators.

Reading Reimagined for the TikTok Generation

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The Juice LIT

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Teaching reading comprehension and critical thinking—powered by current events.

In 10-20 minutes, students read news stories, interact with informational text, practice digital media literacy skills, and answer standards-based questions as they sharpen their critical thinking skills and become smarter about our world.