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The Life Cycle of a Juice ArticleCurious about the process our educators and journalists take each day?
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Explore the student successes educators are seeing when they implement The Juice in their classrooms.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

New Feature Announcement: Lifetime Student Achievements

The Juice is excited to announce the launch of Lifetime Student Achievements! Now students can earn points for reading articles, taking quizzes, reading independently, learning new vocabulary, and completing assignments! The new feature helps students see a more detailed view of their learning journey and individual reading and quiz achievements. It can also help increase engagement and productivity in your students.

How do students earn Stories Read Achievements?  

Students earn a Stories Read Achievements when student daily juice content is read. Achievements can be earned by reading any of the five daily articles, articles from a previous days’ issue, articles assigned by their teachers, articles for  independent reading, reading the Fresh Word of the Day, and reading the Quote of the Day. 

How do students earn Questions Attempted Achievements?

Students earn a Questions Attempted Achievements when they submit the quiz question at the end of the article. Questions Attempted Achievements can be earned by completing any of the five daily quizzes, or a quiz aligned to an assignment.  

Student Achievements Dashboard

It might seem like a digital achievement won’t make much difference. But believe it or not, digital achievements can transform how your students view learning and assessment. They are also a great way to support students in setting and motivating them to reach their goals. 

Dr. Robert Marzano, a leading speaker, trainer, and researcher in the field, emphasizes the importance of learning goals to help students understand “what they are learning and why.” Researchers have also found that digital achievements support students in setting goals and motivating them to reach them. Our new Achievement features can help students visualize and understand their progress in your classroom as they earn points.

Naturally, earning recognition can motivate students to perform better. Today’s students are accustomed to playing video games or mobile apps in which achievements are unlocked and digital trophies are awarded. A digital reward system makes sense to students and can be motivational and enjoyable. 

With the new digital achievements in The Juice, you can quickly and easily recognize your students’ accomplishments. Recognition can be given for skills, effort, and more. This means you can identify and reward struggling students who might normally receive little praise in the classroom. As these students gain confidence and see the results of their efforts, you’ll likely notice an improvement in engagement and abilities.

We invite you to use the new Achievements feature in your class today to help set goals, motivate behaviors, represent achievements and communicate success in its many contexts. Plus it’s tons of fun and students really love earning achievement points!  

Be sure to check out our Achievements FAQs if you have any questions. 

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