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Our New Student Lifetime Achievements Dashboard is Live! Achievements are a terrific way for students to set goals and visualize their progress. Read our blog post to learn more!
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Reflection Thought Prompts
Reflection Thought Prompts Get your students to think more deeply about what they are reading!
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All articles now include an open-ended thought prompt question to help student think deeply about what they are reading.
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
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Reflection Thought Prompts in The Juice

Reflection Thought Prompts in The Juice

Additional Questions to Spark Deeper Thinking or Dialogue

Have you noticed that all the articles in The Daily Juice now contain an open-ended question? Previously, only one article in The Juice had a thought prompt aligned to one of the SEL CASEL standards at the top of the article. Now, in addition to an SEL thought prompt with one of the articles, the remaining articles contain a reflection thought prompt question to provide students with an opportunity to think more deeply about the text. 

Ideas for Using Thought Prompts with Your Students

Looking for some ideas for using the reflection thought prompt questions to get your students  writing or talking after reading the articles in The Juice ? Explore some of the strategies below:

Speed Dating

Use the questions from the articles in The Juice to engage students in short speed dating discussions. Organize your classroom into rows and have students face opposite another student. Pose the first question and have students discuss with their partner. After 1-2 minutes, have one row of students rotate so they are facing a new partner. Pose the next question and continue the process.

Silent Discussion

Have students form small groups and distribute poster or anchor chart paper. Have students write the question from one of the articles on the poster chart. Have students link supporting details to each other and expand on each other’s thoughts. After, encourage students to circulate through the classroom to silently read and write responses to each other’s comments and questions. 


Distribute a piece of paper to each student after reading an article in The Juice. Have students respond to the question linked in the article on the piece of paper in a short paragraph. After giving students 5-10 minutes to write, have students crumple the paper and throw it up in the classroom. Students will then collect a new piece of paper and open it. Have students go back to their seats or form a circle and read the response they collected with the class.

After students read the articles in The Juice, divide your classroom into 5 groups and have each group focus on one article in The Juice. After reading the article, have students respond to the thought or reflection question on an anchor chart. Have students present their chart on a wall in the classroom. Have the other students walk around looking at each group’s poster and responding with their own thoughts.


After reading one of the articles together as a class or having students read in small groups or partners, pose the thought or reflection prompt to the class and have students share with a partner. After, ask students to share responses with the larger group.

Quick Write

Prior to reading the article in The Juice, help students activate prior knowledge by responding to the thought question on a piece of paper. After giving students a few minutes to write, have them share in small groups, with a partner or volunteer to share with the whole class. 

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US Politics (Grades 11-12)

Biden Executive Orders Will Reverse Trump Policies

President-elect Joe Biden plans to sign a flurry of executive orders soon after his inauguration tomorrow. He plans to address what he’s calling the four crises facing the country. They are COVID-19, the economic downturn, racial injustice, and climate change.

An executive order is a written directive from the president carrying powers similar to a federal law. Presidents have historically used these orders to push policies forward quickly because they do not require approval from Congress. The downside of executive orders is that they are easily overturned by any new president. That is not true for federal laws.

Among other moves overturning Trump administration policies, Biden’s orders will return the US to the Paris Climate Accord and to the Iran nuclear deal.

Related to the pandemic, Biden will require face masks on federal properties and during interstate travel. Other orders will be aimed at safely reopening schools and businesses.

On immigration, Biden will order agencies to determine how to reunite children separated from their families after crossing the US-Mexico border. Another order will end travel restrictions targeting majority-Muslim countries.

Other orders will address β€œequity and support communities of color,” criminal justice reform, and access to healthcare.

Photo from Reuters.

Bold words are interactive vocab words in The Juice.

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