Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Video Resources to Celebrate Women

This month, we celebrate women’s rights and all the women who have made a difference in our world through their contributions and achievements.  Looking to engage your students in meaningful lessons around this year’s theme, Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories? Explore our list of short videos that highlight notable women.

Not sure why you should show videos as part of your lesson? Check out a few of the benefits of incorporating videos below.

Build Background

Using short videos as a pre-reading strategy can be a great way to introduce students to new topics and build background knowledge before digging into more complex texts. Have students watch a video before reading a text about an important woman in history. 

Engage and Excite 

Videos and other forms of multimedia can help increase student engagement and excitement about what they are learning. Jumpstart a research project for women’s history month by having students explore the videos and select one woman to further research.

Enrich and Extend

When videos are paired with text, they can help students better visualize and comprehend the information they are reading. Pair one of the videos with an informational text and engage students in a discussion to better synthesize the information they learned. 

Review and Reinforce 

After learning a new topic, teachers can use videos to help students solidify their understanding or review the information they just learned. Play a short video at the end of your lesson as a review for students before they leave or start the next class with a video as a refresher of the prior day’s learning.

Explore our list of women’s history month videos below by clicking on the links below or visit The Juice Youtube channel to find all our videos.

Women in Politics and Activists

Women in Sports

Women in Arts and Entertainment

Women in STEM

Need additional resources to support your women’s history month lessons? Make sure to check out our Daily Juice articles each day or use the search bar to explore our extensive database.