Cross-Curricular Applications

The Juice provides flexibility and can be used to build content area literacy. It can be used with your core instruction, as a daily bell ringer, or to support blended learning. 

In addition to ELA and Social Studies, The Juice has been used to support learning in subjects such as math and science. 

Students reading The Juice

English Language Arts

The Juice provides students with daily content that builds lifelong readers and improves literacy outcomes.

Use The Juice to:

  • Encourage independent daily reading
  • Prepare students for benchmarks or state assessments
  • Support research-based information writing
  • Pair articles with novels

After reading an article in The Juice, students answer an assessment question aligned to Common Core and state standards, focusing on informational text skills such as Key Ideas and Details, Craft and Structure, and Integration of Knowledge and Ideas.

Article of Taylor Swift in The Juice
Each article in The Juice is accompanied by a standards-aligned assessment question. 

Social Studies

The Juice’s daily editions and searchable content feature articles, infographics, videos, and Extra Juices that can be used to support the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) Themes or the C3 Standards.

Harness students’ innate curiosity for what is happening in the world, while building content area literacy and civic awareness. 


The Juice covers breaking science news, while building background knowledge, academic vocabulary, and reader engagement.

Science educators receive access to hundreds of timely science articles tagged by topic to supplement their units and build informational text skills.

Explore some of The Juice content below to see how it can easily connect to your Science curriculum.


Educators use The Juice to make data-informed decisions that accelerate reading growth. They use the data collected around student performance to decide when, where, and what type of intervention is required.

By using The Juice for Tier 1 or Tier 2 interventions, educators can meet each learner’s unique ability level, interests, and needs.

The teacher dashboard provides educators with downloadable reports and real-time actionable data to monitor progress.

creating assignments in The Juice
Educators can target specific skills using the assignment feature in The Juice.


The Juice supports English language learners at diverse levels of  English proficiency with accessible and relevant content. 

Built-in supports such as side-by-side translations and read aloud help build language, fluency and pronunciation. 

Take a look at the features in The Juice that support ELL success below.

Differentiated Content at 4 Reading Levels
Reading levels in The Juice
The Juice provides accessible high-quality content to English Language Learners to support collaboration and active participation in class discussion.
Translations in Over 70 Languages
Translations in The Juice
All articles offers side-by-side translations available in 74 languages to help English Learners compare and understand the content in both English and their native language. 
Vocabulary Development
Vocabulary in The Juice
Each article contains embedded and clickable Tier 2 and 3 words to help make learning academic and domain vocabulary words more accessible.
Read Aloud Mode
Audio Feature in The Juice
Student can select the read aloud icon and text highlighting to follow along and hear fluent reading of the text.