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Creative Ways to Use the Quote of the Day

Using the Quote of the Day in your classroom is a wonderful way to ignite reflection, critical thinking, and promote discussion. Each Daily Juice contains a carefully selected quote from...

teacher with students

Celebrating Native American Heritage Month

Every November, we honor and celebrate the rich history and enduring contributions of Native Americans to our nation. If you want to help students learn more about Native American history,...

juice standards

Vertical Articulation with The Juice

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, ensuring that students progress seamlessly from one grade level to the next is a critical goal. Learn how The Juice can be used as...

lifecycle of juice article

The Life Cycle of a Juice Article

Curious about the process our educators and journalists take to deliver fresh and original content every academic day? Senior Educator and Writer Jake Burt offers a look behind the scenes.

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Summer Recap: What Did I Miss?

Take a look at some of the highlights in The Juice you may have missed over the summer to keep you and your students up to date with the news.