About The Juice

About Us

We are a company dedicated to turning students into better readers and critical thinkers. We know just how difficult that’s become in an era when too many schoolchildren can’t read proficiently. We recognize the dangers of young people failing to distinguish between the chatter and exploitive content disseminated through social media from real news and information of lasting educational value.

Smart is a Process

We have a solution that works. We believe smart is a process. We deliver timely, credible, and engaging short-form content that captivates students. We firmly believe that when students connect with the material, they are more likely to read, comprehend, and excel. Our results speak for themselves.

At The Juice, our focus is on current events and news stories. Whether it’s conflicts in distant regions, climate change, political debates, sports triumphs, acts of heroism, or a wide array of cross-curricular topics, we explore them every day in The Juice.

Our daily edition, shipped directly to students Monday through Friday mornings, is prepared by experienced educators, seasoned journalists, and innovative technologists who share a common commitment to the mission of helping young people become effective communicators and responsible citizens.

Easy to Use

The Juice is easy to use. We have designed it as a “plug-and-play” experience. As The Juice collects student participation data, teachers gain valuable insights into their performance to help better understand each student’s needs in the classroom.

We Don’t Take Sides

In crafting every edition, we uphold rigorous standards. Our stories are meticulously researched and written in-house. We provide unique content that is accurate and objectively written and relies on a wide range of credible news and educational sources. When we write stories about topics that may have political positions we do not inject our opinions and try to present opposing sides when they are evident.

Most importantly, our stories are written and edited specifically to meet students at their current reading levels. So no one gets left behind, and everyone is invited into the conversation.

We welcome you to join us.