The Juice Named Top Teacher Pick for 2023

The annual list from the educational thought leaders at Cult of Pedagogy recognizes outstanding edtech solutions that help meet the needs of educators, students, and teachers.
Cult of Pedagogy EdTech Top Pick for Teachers 2023

February 8, 2023 

MIAMI—The Juice, a leader in middle and high school current events and reading  comprehension, was selected by the Cult of Pedagogy as a 2023 edtech top pick for teachers. The annual list recognizes the best products in edtech that benefit education professionals, students, and teachers. 

Since its launch in 2021, educators nationwide are using The Juice to build literacy and civic awareness in middle and high school students. The platform saves educators time by delivering each academic day unbiased current events content written by a team of educators and journalists. Differentiated to four reading levels, The Juice provides educators with an easy-to-use integrated platform that includes rigorous short-form content, vocabulary, numerical literacy, videos, embedded scaffolds, formative assessment, progress monitoring, data-informed instruction, and more!

“We want students to connect to their world and encourage every student to read. The daily current events and news articles from The Juice help students build literacy across the curriculum, boost academic vocabulary, become more empathetic members of society, and ultimately prepare students for civic life outside the classroom. The Juice is passionate about helping every student, regardless of reading ability, understand and be part of the world around them.” said Brendan Kells, Vice President of Education for The Juice. “As a company with educators in our ranks, having other teachers recognize the value we bring to the classroom is truly an honor. Our mission is to build literacy and prepare every student for civic life, and I think this recognition signifies we’re doing just that.” 

Cult of Pedagogy reviewer Kim Darche was most impressed with the quality of the Juice articles and how closely aligned they were with the current events covered by major news outlets. “The articles range from global and cultural affairs to sports. It feels like a newspaper that’s getting delivered,” she says. And even more impressive, she says, are the comprehension questions that supplement the articles. “The questions blew me away as much as the articles did. The quality of the content and the linked assessments are superior to other available products.” The reviewers could tell right away that educators and journalists are at the editorial helm at The Juice and that they understand what works in the classroom.

The Cult of Pedagogy has recognized the best in educational technology through its annual list and edtech guide since 2015. Jennifer Gonzalez, Editor In Chief, and her team of well-respected and valued educators have built a trusted, vibrant, encouraging, stimulating community of teachers supporting each other toward excellence. 


About The Juice

The Juice brings today’s current events into the classroom — and helps build literacy and critical thinking in students across the curriculum. Fresh pressed daily, teachers can expect the latest US and world news as it’s breaking from The Juice. Designed for grades 5+, each academic day, The Juice delivers five timely current events articles at four reading levels to help students build literacy. Educators and students receive daily rigorous short-form content, vocabulary, infographics, videos, embedded scaffolds, formative assessment, progress monitoring, data-informed instruction, and more! Standards-aligned, The Juice provides educators flexibility and can be used with core instruction, intervention, enrichment, credit recovery, and extended day/year programs.