The Life Cycle of a Juice Article
The Life Cycle of a Juice ArticleCurious about the process our educators and journalists take each day?
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Senior Educator and Writer Jake Burt offers a link behind the scenes. Learn more in our blog!
Apply to The Juice Teacher Advisory Board!
Apply to The Juice Teacher Advisory Board!Learn more about the program by visiting our blog.
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We are looking for teacher leaders to join our Teacher Advisory Board for the Fall cohort. Apply Today!
Start the Year off Strong!
Start the Year off Strong!Set routines and build community at the start of the school year.
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Learn how The Juice can be a powerful tool to get your started on the right foot no matter what subject you teach. Read more in our blog!
Read our case studies!
Read our case studies!Learn more about how educators are using The Juice.
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Explore the student successes educators are seeing when they implement The Juice in their classrooms.

Support English Language Skills and Content Area Knowledge with Current Events

Easily provide engaging and relevant content for all students, and help support students at diverse levels of English proficiency to reach and exceed grade-level standards.

Built-in Scaffolds to Support ELL Success at Point-of-Use

Differentiated Content at 4 Reading Levels Provide equity and access to high-quality current events content to your English Learners. Teachers can easily differentiate instruction, and each student can access content at the level that is right for them and participate in classroom activities and discussions.
Vocabulary Development Make learning academic and domain vocabulary in context more accessible. 10+ Tier 2 & 3 words and in-context definitions at student’s reading level are intertwined into each edition. Word of the Day exercises explicitly teach new grade-appropriate vocabulary.
Read Aloud Mode for Fluency & Pronunciation Students can select the Read Aloud icon and follow along, providing students with additional scaffolds to help them access the materials.
Culturally Relevant and Diverse Perspectives Content is added daily to cover a range of topics and diverse perspectives, so every student feels represented and empowered.
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