How does The Juice support reading comprehension?

Engagement: With five daily article topics that include breaking news, STEM, politics, arts and entertainment, and sports, teachers can quickly find content that resonates with their students’ interests, which is paramount in getting young learners excited about reading. Teachers are also empowered to enrich and extend their lessons with real-world examples.   

Common text: It can be challenging and time-consuming for educators to find quality content that all students can access, regardless of reading level or native language. That’s why The Juice publishes every story at four progressively complex reading levels. We strive to promote equity by resourcing teachers with texts that enable every student to absorb the material and participate in classroom discussions with their peers. Teachers can also assign content through the search feature to differentiate instruction or support intervention. 

Short-form content: Our short-form content (250-275 words per article) is accessible and builds reading confidence—no more students complaining about long articles and pretending to read. 

Vocabulary support: We know that understanding vocabulary is fundamental to reading comprehension, so every article contains vocabulary words with clickable, pop-up definitions. We also help students develop domain-specific and academic vocabulary to support comprehension across subject areas. 

Background knowledge:  Especially important for Multilingual Learners and striving readers, background knowledge helps students activate prior knowledge to access more complex texts across all disciplines.

Point-of-use scaffolding: Supplemental “Extra Juices,” multimedia, and read-alouds are a few of the supports built into our platform to help all students as they read our content.

Monitoring growth: The Juice helps make each student’s learning visible by providing timely, standards-aligned, formative assessments to help them practice their informational text skills. Teachers can access student data in their teacher portal to plan for instruction and support interventions. 

Learn more about how the Juice builds reading comprehension in the video below: