If a student reads an article more than once, will they receive a Stories Read Achievement each time they read the article?

Articles read in the Daily Juice, Assignments, and Search are counted independently. 

  • If a student reads a specific article in their Daily Juice, they will earn an achievement point the first time they read the article. 
  • If a student is assigned the same article by their teacher, they will earn an additional point when they read the assignment for the first time. 
  • If a student searches and clicks on the same article, they will receive a point the first time they read it. 
  • If a student searches and reads the same article again, they will not receive a point for a second read. 
  • No points will be awarded if students click on an assignment they have already opened. However, if a teacher assigns the same article again, it is considered a new event, and the student will receive a point.