How can the translation be used to support ELL students?

The side by side translation feature can be used to support ELLs in a classroom by providing them with the ability to compare and understand the content in both English and their native language.

Side by side translation can aid in comprehension by helping students understand the meaning of words, phrases and sentences more easily. ELLs can quickly associate the words in English with their native language without having to individually translate words as they read.

English learners can grasp the context and nuances of a text more effectively when they can see both the source and target languages together. This enables them to infer meanings of unfamiliar words based on their context and the corresponding translation. By seeing translations of words in context, ELLs can also build a stronger vocabulary and see how different words are used in different contexts.

Side by side translation can also aid in  supporting ELLs in understanding grammatical structures and sentence formations in English. They can see how sentences are constructed, which can help improve their sentence formation and grammar.

In addition, translations can help ELL students become independent learners. With the side-by-side translations, they can read and compare the texts on their own which encourages self-guided language acquisition.