What is the progress report?

The Juice’s Progress Report is an AI enhanced expert system that analyzes student progress over a period of time and provides guidance to teachers on changing students’ reading levels or identifying the need for students to spend more time engaging with the stories and questions.

By measuring the average time spent reading and answering questions and taking into account the reading level of the student, the Progress Report shows the average score for any answered questions during the analysis period of 60 days, this includes both Daily Juice and Assignments.

When students are doing well, the Progress Report will recommend increasing their reading level.

When students are struggling with scores, but spending the recommended amount of time reading and answering the questions, the report will recommend decreasing their reading level.

If students are struggling, but are not engaged for enough time, the report will suggest the student may need more time or reduce their reading level.

If students have engaged enough to produce results and are doing well, the report will indicate that the students are on track.

The progress report will run either weekly or monthly automatically, but can also be run on demand if desired.

The teacher has the option to set the “Auto-Adjust” flag so that when the report runs, the recommendations of raising or lowering reading levels will occur when the report runs.

Teachers can manually accept recommendations and undo the changes they make or are made automatically.

For convenience, the teacher can choose to see all class data or choose to see recommendations only, which will show just students who have engaged enough to trigger a recommendation.