How does the progress report make recommendations on student reading level?

The progress report provides recommendations by analyzing the average time spent reading and answering questions, student performance and a student’s reading level over a period of 60 days to provide teachers with recommendations.

In order for students to receive a recommendation, they need to have answered at least 20 quiz questions (Daily Juice or Assignments) over a period of 60 days.

When students are doing well (average score of 90 or higher), the Progress Report will recommend increasing their reading level.

When students are struggling with scores (average score below 70), but spending the recommended amount of time reading and answering the questions, the report will recommend decreasing their reading level.

If students are struggling, but are not engaged for enough time, the report will suggest the student may need more time or reduce their reading level.

If students have engaged enough to produce results and are doing well, the report will indicate that the students are on track.