What is the process to integrate our district LMS with the Juice?

In general, the process for onboarding a District that uses an LMS system has these following steps:

1) Data Gathering and Planning

Using a combination of forms, emails and typically a short planning meeting, we will work together to identify which systems make the most sense to connect to the Juice and to better understand how your district will want to use the product. 

2) Technical Integration

Using the information from our planning, The Juice will meet with your district’s LMS administrator to do the initial handshake between your district’s LMS system and the Juice.  At the completion of this short call, we will have verified that the basic connection is established.

During this call, we will also identify the specific set of users that will be getting access to The Juice via the LMS integration.  Once we obtain the user information, we will configure the integration to ensure that only the correct district users have access.

3) Orientation Meeting(s)

We will schedule meeting(s) to work with team leaders on how to access the Juice.  If desired, we can also meet to discuss how to most effectively use Juice resources.

4) Rollout!